Because Everyone Deserves a



I believe education is the great equalizer. In Montgomery County, our public schools  are among the finest in the country. It is often said that people come to Montgomery County for the schools, and stay for the schools. For this  to remain true, we must ensure that quality educational opportunities are provided for every MCPS student regardless of background , zip code or income.  I am  committed to ensuring the resources necessary to close the so-called achievement gap are brought to bear,  that classroom overcrowding is eliminated, that our  school facilities reflect our collective commitment to providing a world-class educational experience, and  to exploring ways to leverage our County's rich resources to ensure our students leave MCPS prepared to compete in the 21st century economy.  


As a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, I want to help create an economic environment in which businesses thrive, entrepreneurs are encouraged to innovate, and quality jobs are created,  At the same time, I want to support, encourage and reward businesses that are dedicated to being good employers and corporate citizens. I want to remove the barriers that too often prevent meaningful participation in our County's thriving economy and ensure we build bridges to the wealth of opportunities our County provides.


While important changes to healthcare laws continue to occur at the federal level, states are the primary regulators of insurance. As your next delegate representing District 17, I will work to balance affordability with access to critical health services. I will pursue policies that explore the potential for lowering the cost of prescription drugs through purchasing agreements and rebates, and foster legislation aimed at shifting care toward prevention and wellness services.


I firmly believe that quality, accessible public transit is key to our County's future success . At the same time, I believe we need to make good on the promises made to  residents of District 17 and the UpCounty by investing in the necessary road projects that will allow families to spend more time at a home, and less time on the road.  As your next Delegate representing District 17,  I will  also champion alternative, environmentally-friendly modes of transportation like bicycles and electric vehicles.